Invest in the Next Generation of Leaders

The American workforce is at a pivotal moment, as more baby boomers move into retirement and younger generations of workers step up to take their place. Companies from all industries are now facing this challenge, and smart business leaders are planning ahead to smooth the transition, preserve institutional knowledge, and train up-and-coming leaders.

Meet Four ICATT Apprentices

For these four apprentices, the ICATT Apprenticeship Program has opened many doors to life-changing opportunities. Nicholas Christensen, Nolan Patterson, Trevor Bazan, and Daniel Crawford are all ICATT apprentices working as Regional Service Technician Trainees at Krones, Inc.

Case Study: Hermle USA, Inc.

The skills gap is an ongoing concern for manufacturing companies looking to hire new talent. Employers struggle to find people who have the right combination of knowledge, experience, and capabilities to thrive in complex industries.For Hermle USA, Inc., investing in apprenticeships has been an effective way to close the skills gap and build a strong pipeline of talent over time.