Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) offers the leading apprentice program in the Midwest. The ICATT Apprenticeship Program matches students with high-tech manufacturers or companies with complex automation or logistics. Participants engage in intense training while earning a salary and working toward an associate degree and industry-specific certifications. Upon graduation, apprentices have gained advanced skills and experience in high-demand fields.


Cathy Splett, whose son Andrew is a third-year apprentice at Herrmann Ultrasonics in the Advanced Manufacturing Technician program, is confident that the ICATT Apprenticeship Program has given her child unmatched opportunities for education and growth.


In high school, Andrew had enjoyed engineering classes but was disinterested in attending college, and unsure about what he wanted to do after graduation. When he learned about the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, Andrew was thrilled. Here was a career path that would allow him to use his hands and create something, instead of sitting behind a desk all day.


“ICATT gave Andy a sense of purpose and a direction in his life he’s excited about,” says Cathy. “He’s become a much more mature person. He works hard because he doesn’t want to let the company down; he even cares about grades more because they matter to the company, not just his mom and dad. He’s found a home at Herrmann – they mentor him and treat him like family.”


At Herrmann Ultrasonics, Andrew has found professional guidance, personal attention, and space for exploration and hands-on learning. Herrmann allowed him to work in each department of the company to get a better sense of what he likes and where he shines. Andrew is now planning to work toward a bachelor’s degree in engineering.


Cathy says the ICATT Apprenticeship Program has exceeded her expectations, and she strongly encourages other families to apply.


“Don’t second-guess it; just do it,” says Cathy. “There’s no better opportunity out there.”


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