Follow your interest and passion through hands-on-training at a sponsoring company in combination with aligned college classes. Earn a debt-free Associates Degree while learning industry-relevant skills and knowledge.

An ICATT Apprenticeship lays the foundation for a career in high demand industries.


of college graduates

have student loan debt.

ICATT Apprentices

graduate debt free.


  • Gain skills for an in-demand profession
  • Earn a debt-free associate degree
  • Receive an industry-aligned education combined with hands-on training
  • Obtain national and international credentials
  • Increase your salary and advance your career


The ICATT Apprenticeship Program partners with ICATT Network Colleges to provide the technical curriculum for your degree. Each semester involves coursework that provides practical skills and theory, as well as hands-on learning with your ICATT Network Company. The ICATT Apprenticeship Program team works with the company and college to coordinate the time in the classroom with the time on-the-job to apply your new skills and training.

Associate Degree:

ICATT Network Companies cover all the costs of the ICATT Apprenticeship Program. This includes tuition, fees and books, a daily school stipend, as well as a salary.

This Includes:

  • Salary
  • Tuition
  • Daily School Stipend
  • Fees & Books


During the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, you will learn valuable skills and theoretical training that prepare you for a career in manufacturing or other high-tech field. Since the ICATT Apprenticeship Program is designed to assist companies with filling high-demand positions, every apprentice who successfully completes the program is guaranteed to have the skills that companies need and want. Most ICATT Network Companies even offer a 2-year employment guarantee upon successful completion.

Our current programs:

Business Apprentice

Business Apprentice Graduates can assist in any of the departments that provided their training. They are familiar with the company specific processes and deeply integrated into the company culture.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician

ICATT’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technicians operate, maintain and troubleshoot high-tech equipment and machinery to produce pharmaceutical components and products.

Mechatronics Technician

Mechatronics Technicians create, troubleshoot and maintain electromechanical systems, including metalworking, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and a strong focus on electronics and programmable logic controllers.

Industrial Electronics Technician

Industrial Electronics Technicians install, maintain, and repair electrical operating, production, and process systems, from switchgear and control systems to power supply systems and communications and lighting equipment.

Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Advanced Manufacturing Technicians manufacture, maintain and monitor high-tech mechanical systems, including advanced skills in metalworking combined with knowledge of fluid power and circuits.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining Professionals program and operate computer-controlled metalworking machines to produce precision components through processes such as milling, turning, drilling or grinding.

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being an ICATT apprentice


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    High school diploma or GED
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    Eligible to work in the United States
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    Meet academic requirements for admission
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    Employer-specific requirements may apply
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    Veterans are welcome! ICATT is G.I. Bill certified.
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    Fill out the application form online. You are now an ICATT Applicant and will receive information from ICATT about eligibility, next steps, helpful hints, and more.
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    Take a college placement test or submit your scores to one of our ICATT Network Colleges. Once you’ve verified your placement into a college program, you’re an Apprentice Candidate!
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    Apprentice Candidates will be connected to employers, who invite them for interviews or facility tours directly – check your email! Once you meet the employers, find a good match, and accept an offer, you are an ICATT Apprentice. Congratulations!