Answers to the Top 6 Questions for Future ICATT Apprentices

1. How does the program work?

With the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, you earn while you learn. While earning a salary you will receive focused on-the-job training with a company mentor to develop your skills as your training progresses and pursuing industry-specific certifications plus an associate degree at an ICATT Network College.

2. Is an ICATT Apprenticeship as valuable as a degree from a four-year college?

Four-year college is not the only path to a stable career with upward mobility. ICATT Apprentices earn a debt-free associate degree and gain skills for an in-demand career. Most ICATT Network Companies even offer a job guarantee upon completing the ICATT Apprenticeship Program.

3. What are the requirements?

Specific requirements can vary by company, but most require that applicants have a high school diploma or GED as well as eligibility to work in the United States. Community College placement test scores must also fall within an acceptable range. The ICATT team is available to answer questions and assist you!

4. Is there support provided to ensure ICATT Apprentices complete the program?

The ICATT team is here to support you and we’re invested in your success. 85% of ICATT Apprentices complete the program successfully.

5. Are ICATT Apprentices locked into an hourly wage and position?

ICATT apprentices start out with competitive benefits and as your skills increase, so do your wages.

6. What programs are available in the ICATT Apprenticeship Program?

The ICATT Apprenticeship Program offers training with high-tech manufacturers or companies with complex business processes. The training programs are selected for their high demand and offer great career opportunities.