Answers to the Top 4 Questions for Future ICATT Network Companies

1. Who does the ICATT Apprenticeship Program serve?

Focused exclusively on high-tech manufacturers and companies with complex technologies or logistics, the ICATT Apprenticeship Program closes the skills gap helping companies develop a sustainable pipeline of highly-skilled talent. The program is open to any company and is not exclusive to German-owned companies.

2. How does the program work?

  1. The ICATT Apprenticeship Program team assists with the recruitment of apprentices, helps develop the customized company training plans, facilitates “Train the Trainer” programs and administers the ICATT Apprenticeship Program exams.
  2. The ICATT Network Company selects and hires the apprentice: an apprentice is an employee. The ICATT Network Company then invests in the apprentice by providing an hourly wage, tuition for an associate degree, and stipend while the apprentice is in class.
  3. The ICATT Apprentice is expected to pass the applicable college entrance exam, take the college courses that align with their apprenticeship program and pass their exams. Each apprentice will divide his or her time between the college and the company. At the end of the program, the ICATT Apprentice has earned an associate degree and is fully integrated into their ICATT Network Company.

3. What financial investment do ICATT Network Companies make in their apprentices?

The typical investment is only $35,000 to $40,000 per apprentice per year, including wages, stipend, tuition and fees.

4. How do I ensure a return on my investment?

ICATT Network Companies can require a 2-year employment commitment after completion of the apprenticeship. In fact, this commitment helps recruit good candidates! Independent of the 2-year requirement, the investment into the apprentice creates an exceptional sense of loyalty towards the employer.