Answers to the Top 4 Questions for Future ICATT Network Companies

1. Who does the ICATT Apprenticeship Program serve?

The ICATT Apprenticeship Program helps companies develop a sustainable pipeline of highly-skilled talent. The manufacturing programs focus on high-tech manufactures and companies with complex technologies while the business apprenticeship program targets companies with complex administrations or logistics.

2. How does the program work?

  1. The ICATT Apprenticeship Program team assists with the recruitment of apprentices, helps develop the customized company training plan, facilitates “Train the Trainer” programs and administers the ICATT Apprenticeship Program exams.
  2. The ICATT Network Company selects and hires the apprentices who become their employees. They pay them an hourly wage during the hands-on training, tuition for their associate degree, and a stipend on their college days.
  3. ICATT Apprentices have a high school degree & take the college placement test to qualify for the programs. They complete the college courses on 2 days / week and their on-the-job training at the ICATT Network Companies on the other 3 days. ICATT Apprentices earn an associate degree in addition to national and international certificates.

3. What financial investment do ICATT Network Companies make in their apprentices?

The typical investment is $35,000 to $40,000 per apprentice per year, including wages, stipends, tuition and fees.

4. How do I ensure a return on my investment?

ICATT Network Companies can require a 2-year employment commitment after completion of the apprenticeship. However, the investment of time and money into the development of the apprentice creates an exceptional sense of loyalty towards the employer. ICATT apprentices greatly appreciate the unique opportunity the program offers them and the generations that follow.