Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) is the leading apprenticeship program for high-tech manufacturers and companies with complex technologies or logistics. It is the largest program fully benchmarked on the German Dual Education System – an approach recognized globally for its combination of company-specific knowledge, theory, and hands-on learning – resulting in highly-trained employees that position companies to embrace technical advances, keep pace with market demands, and harness growth opportunities.


The ICATT Apprenticeship Program was established by the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest. GACC Midwest supports German and American companies in transatlantic business. In addition, it manages, promotes, and oversees the ICATT Apprenticeship Program as it addresses the struggle to find and retain a loyal, highly-skilled, and technically advanced workforce in the United States.

German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest


The GACC South promotes and supports bilateral trade between Germany and the U.S. With the headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia, the GACC South serves eleven Southern states – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern U.S., Inc.



The ICATT Apprenticeship Program is supported by several organizations including the Illinois Advanced Apprenticeship Consortium, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Education Initiative and JP Morgan Chase & Co.


Illinois Advanced Apprenticeship Consortium


Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Education Initiative

JP Morgan Chase_neu

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Illinois-related activities are part of a project or programs funded in a whole or in part with Federal money through a grant, AP-27959-15-60-A-17, received from the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration in the amount of $3,995,000. The expenditure for these program materials accounts for (1) <1 percent of the total grant financed with Federal money; (2) the dollar amount of the Federal grant funds is $3,995,000; and (3) Federal funds represent 12 percent of the total costs of the project or program, with the balance financed by non U.S.-governmental funds.