The Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) works with many companies whose leaders started as apprentices. This is a true testament to the benefits of apprenticeship programs as well as the German Dual Education System, and highlights how apprenticeship programs train future leaders.

Peter Kamps, Vice President of Finance & Business Administration at Siemens, is one of those leaders. As a young adult, Kamps was very interested in math, and always considered finance as a career. He had the option to either pursue a four-year degree or complete an apprenticeship. Growing up in a small town, Kamps saw first-hand the incredible work that Siemens was providing for the community, and discovered that Siemens had a unique apprenticeship program for financial analysts.

To Kamps, an apprenticeship program was the best of both worlds: the program covered the theory of finance and business while also applying the techniques of what he learned on a daily basis. In addition to the theory and hands-on-learning, Kamps was introduced to the various components that ensure that the company runs efficiently: accounting, marketing, sales, and customer service. This experience ensured that Kamps understood all the moving parts of the company while also deepening his understanding of how his role as a financial analyst progressed the company.

Even though Kamps completed his apprenticeship more than 30 years ago, he continues to work for Siemens. “The lessons that I learned through my apprenticeship program at Siemens impacted me on not only a personal level, but also on a professional level. I advanced in my career because of the technical skills and business understanding I learned. To this day, I continue to be excited by working at Siemens.”

For Kamps, apprenticeship programs provide individuals a head start in their professional career. As a former apprentice, he believes that professional careers are strengthened through the knowledge gained by experiencing all components of the company.

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