As the current global pandemic continues, essential businesses are remaining operational to support ongoing efforts and meet the demand for medical supplies. ICATT Network Company Herrmann Ultrasonics is one of those businesses.

Herrmann Ultrasonics produces machines and tooling that make medical parts including fluid containers, bandaging materials and masks, as well as seal food and beverage containers.

Since the crisis, the company has boosted production to keep up with the increase in demand and a higher volume of orders from clients for various types of medical masks, and are also in the forefront with the key testing companies.

“Our commitment has always been to provide customers with equipment and products that they need,” said Uwe Peregi, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Herrmann Ultrasonics. “As a company, we have always aided in the production of medical masks, but COVID-19 has increased the demand.”

Employees throughout the company are working extra hours due to the high demand and first year ICATT Apprentice Konrad Ryk is one of these key employees.

“I’ve been able to receive hands-on training and real-world experience during a global crisis,” said Konrad. “It feels good to know the work that I’m doing is making a difference and is helping others stay safe through this.”

The ICATT team is proud of apprentices and companies that are stepping up and making valuable contributions during this global pandemic. Learn more about our apprenticeship program.