ICATT Apprenticeship Program graduate Daniel Crawford is proud of how much he’s grown since he started his apprenticeship. The recent graduate and Wisconsin-native shares his experience transitioning from an ICATT Apprentice to a full-time Service Technician at Wisconsin-based Krones Inc. Daniel was interviewed by Nora Moran from Krones Inc. Marketing.


Q: How was your experience during the ICATT apprenticeship?

A: It was a unique experience, filled with new challenges but many rewards. Before I started at Krones I was not in the industrial industry, let alone the German industrial industry, so I had a lot to learn during my apprenticeship. Every class I took at the college for the ICATT curriculum was new to me. I got to learn a wide range of the industrial industry every semester. It was tough, taking on so many different topics ranging from CNC machining, SolidWorks part design, drives and motors, PLC programming, and welding – just to name a few. Seeing all these processes that make up the industry gives me appreciation and a better understanding how everything works together.


Q: Was there something that stood out to be your favorite part of the apprenticeship?
A: My favorite part about the Apprenticeship was the ability to focus on learning and improving my skills. The days I was at work were focused on training, not production work. Every week I learned something new in school. I then could apply it and use it at work, reinforcing the new information I learned at the college.


Q: What do you like most about Krones?

A: Krones is like a big tight-knit family.


Q: How do you feel about being a full-time Krones employee?

A: Love it! I am very happy to be able to continue to be a part of Krones.