icatt nick apprenticeship program Transitions are challenging, but ICATT Apprenticeship Program graduates, like Nick Christensen, see the value in change. The recent graduate and Wisconsin-native shares his experience transitioning from an ICATT Apprentice to a full-time Service Technician at Wisconsin-based Krones Inc. Nick was interviewed by Nora Moran from Krones Inc. Marketing.


Q: How would you describe your experience overall during the ICATT apprenticeship?

A: Very good! Krones is very supportive of the ICATT apprentices and it really is a great place to work.


Q: Was there something that stood out to be your favorite part of the apprenticeship?

A: It would definitely be the Associates Degree you are able to get while at the same time being able to get hands on experience and get paid for it.


Q: When you began the apprenticeship with Krones did you want to become a full-time employee?

A: Yes, my goal starting this apprenticeship through Krones was to come on full-time and be a service tech with our two-year commitment, and hopefully get to stay after that is over.


Q: What prompted you to become a service tech?

A: Honestly the pay interested me and the ability to travel and experience new places. I love to travel.


Q: How do you feel about being a full-time Krones employee?

A: I am very glad I made it this far and very happy I can continue to be a part of Krones.


To learn more about Nick, read his Apprentice Profile.