The ICATT Apprenticeship Program’s Train the Trainer Seminar is designed to help trainers plan and instruct more effectively. When companies invest in quality training, it promotes productivity and boosts morale and retention. ICATT Network company Seyer Industries made this investment in one of its trainers, Dave Sweda.

As the Talent and Development Manager, Dave works closely with apprentices and sees firsthand how effective training can make a difference.

“Before the seminar, I had no formal instruction on how to train apprentices. Attending the seminar was imperative to understand how to train the employees and apprentices who reported to me as well as how to transfer my knowledge to them,” said Dave. “Within a few days of the seminar, I was able to recognize the different learning styles of each individual and adapt my teaching methods.”

The Train the Trainer Seminar content is based on an internationally recognized qualification, AEVO International, with examples and exercises tailored to the U.S. industry, particularly manufacturing.

The experience of being formally trained has given Dave more capabilities to adapt to different situations and overcome difficult teaching areas, which has not only made him more effective in training but also in leading others.

“I believe a good trainer can bring the best out in a company’s talent,” said Dave. “The future of an employee can be determined based on the quality of training they receive.”

Companies that invest in training can see a return on investment almost immediately. Dave believes the retention of an employee starts with how they are onboarded – from highlighting the company culture to identifying the mission and values to showcasing the work – this makes a first impression on new employees and apprentices.

“If you don’t invest in the person mentoring your talent, you will see individuals leave,” said Dave. “The new team member will not see the value of what they are being taught nor will the company see them excel in the future of the company.”

To learn more about the Train the Trainer seminar and register for the upcoming session in September, click here.