The Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) Apprenticeship Program is an apprenticeship program using a multi-company consortium model, and we do so for many valuable reasons. The consortium approach is advantageous because it allows stakeholders to leverage their combined resources, and industry expertise, to reach a wider audience and achieve more significant results.

ICATT works closely with high-tech manufacturers to create apprenticeships for young people to close the skills gap and provide a highly skilled workforce for in-demand jobs. ICATT uses the consortium approach to benefit both its network companies and its apprentices in the following important ways.

Network Companies Pool Resources  

An individual company can start an apprenticeship program, but it needs a larger investment of time and resources to make it successful. With ICATT’s consortium approach, this commitment is distributed among many network companies. No single company must develop, manage, and recruit for the program all on its own.

ICATT Network Companies act as a sounding board for one another, and exchange best practices through trainer and HR roundtables. Companies also have access to the skills and areas of expertise of other ICATT Network Companies.

ICATT Offers Greater Support

It would be cost-prohibitive for ICATT to provide robust support to just one company. But due to economies of scale, ICATT can offer extensive resources – such as professional exams and training materials – to all network companies at a much lower cost. ICATT also invests in marketing that promotes the program, reaching a wide range of applicants to benefit all of the companies.

Apprentices Build a Community

ICATT Apprentices at different companies get to know each other during the classroom learning at their respective ICATT Network College. They share experiences, help and encourage one another. While each is gaining company-specific skills, the common elements of the program show them that what they’re learning will be in-demand no matter where their career takes them.


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